Various Classification Based Sentiment Analysis on Movies – A Review


  • H. L. Roopa Assistant Professor, Department of Information Science and Engineering, Brindavan College of Engineering, Bangalore, India


sentimental analysis, opinion mining, text analytics


Opinion mining, another name for sentiment analysis, categorizes text perspectives and analyses sentiments. It has to do with how text, linguistic, and natural language processing are used. With the quick development of digital technology, enormous amounts of data are produced. Social networking platforms are now widely used and commonplace venues where people may express their feelings through brief messages. These feelings range from joy to sorrow to fear to anxiety. Short text analysis frequently captures the sentiment of the audience. IMDb movie reviews' sentiment analysis explains a reviewer's overall sentiment or opinion of a film. Since consumer perceptions affect a product's performance and a movie's success or failure depends on its reviews, prices are rising and a good sentiment analysis model that categorizes consumer opinions is needed.


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