Effect of 12 Weeks Sand Training on Broad Jump and Agility Performance for Boys Aged 13 to 15 Years


  • Shreenivas Harikanth Associate Professor, Department of Physical Education, S. S. College of Physical Education, Mandy, Mysore University, Karnataka, India
  • M. Sunil Assistant Professor, Sree Vasavi First Grade College, Kollegal, Karnataka, India


sand training, broad jump, agility performance


Sports training improve physical fitness and psychology confidence of sports persons. Different sports trainings impress sports persons and improve the physical fitness. This study aim effect on sand surface training on broad jump and agility fitness components of athletes. Total sample size 30 different sports persons, age range between 13 to 15 years, were selected as the subjects of the study. Subjects were divided two equal groups (n=15), experimental and control groups were divided. Sand surface training program scientifically designed and given the subject of experimental group duration of training for 6 days per week. Total 12 weeks sand training conducted this study. This study selecting exercise on sand surface, exercise such as skip and jump, side jump, high knee action exercises, double leg hoping and single leg hopping. This study statistic analyzing software SPSS. This study result indicates that Sand surface training for 12 weeks resulted in significant different to post and pre test of agility and broad jump ability variables. Conclusion: Our study shows that Sand surface training improves agility and broad jump ability of different sports persons.


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S. Harikanth and M. Sunil, “Effect of 12 Weeks Sand Training on Broad Jump and Agility Performance for Boys Aged 13 to 15 Years”, IJMDES, vol. 1, no. 4, pp. 1–2, May 2022.