Analysis of Fire Station Infrastructure using GIS and Planning Proposal: A Case of Surat City


  • Rohit Sunil Ailani M.Tech., MIT-ADT University, Pune, India
  • Jay D. Bhatt M.Tech., MIT-ADT University, Pune, India


GIS, planning, infrastructure


Infrastructure is very important in development of the country which includes education, transportation, health care, fire safety, etc. Fire safety is important in life of people because a small ignorance of fire can cause a big incident. Fire impact people, property and the environment in all countries, around the world. In some cases, there are major losses causing hundreds of deaths, widespread damage to property and significant impact on the environment. More often, fire may cause a single casualty or affect a single home, through the effect are still highly significant to those affected and collectively are substantial. This project focuses on analysis of standard data of fire accidents and requirements of fire stations at different locations according to fire safety guidelines particular for Surat city. Proximity analysis will be conducted for data of fire station using GIS software. This process will help in finding the need of fire stations in the city and find locations according to TP schemes to establish fire station at those locations. This work may enhance the infrastructure of whole city if executed. Suggestions can be given to local authorities to provide better infrastructure, which will enhance execution of fire station authority during fire outbreak.


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R. S. Ailani and J. D. Bhatt, “Analysis of Fire Station Infrastructure using GIS and Planning Proposal: A Case of Surat City”, IJMDES, vol. 1, no. 5, pp. 28–29, Jun. 2022, Accessed: Apr. 17, 2024. [Online]. Available: