Soil Subgrade Stabilization by Using Lime Rice Husk


  • Gaurav Gupta M.Tech. Scholar, Department of Civil Engineering, Lucknow Institute of Technology, Lucknow, India


lime, rice husk


Soil is crucial material for road construction in sub grade and sub base region. The property of soil changes when get contact with water and if the strength of soil is low, high swelling tendency or low shear strength than soil stabilization is required at subgrade. In market there are numerous stabilizers available like lime, cement, fly ash, granulated slag etc. Subgrade of the pavement is foundation and its stability gives long life to the pavement. In this paper we will use fly ash, rice husk, ground granulated blast furnace slag as stabilizer. Major and important property which we want to improve volume stability, strength, compressibility, stability, durability. This study is to improve the locally available weak soil with stabilizers. The test performs such as Modified proctor test to and CBR test to check whether adding admixture improves the soil, as higher the CBR it helps to reduce the crust thickness and helps in increasing the bearing capacity of the soil. Modified proctor test conducted to determine maximum dry density of soil sample. After several soil sample test result which gives overall depth reduction in soil subgrade.


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